Wheelie Bin Storage Sheds

wheelie binAs summer approaches we will find our selves spending more and more time in our gardens. If you’re keen gardener like me you have probably invested a lot of your time and money in creating a wonderful place for you, your family and friends can relax and enjoy the best of the British weather.

No matter how much time or money that we put in to our garden there are some things that will always let your garden down. One of these let downs are your wheelie bins. Every household has at least three wheelie bins, coming in various colours and sizes depending on where you live and the number of people living in your house. No matter what colour the bins are where you live, you cant get away from the fact that they look hideous and make a beautiful garden or patio area look rubbish (pardon the pun).

Over the last few years there has been a boom in sales of wheelie bin storage boxes, which can dramatically improve the look of anyone’s garden.

What are wheelie bin stores?

A wheelie bin store is a small shed built from wood or plastic for the purpose of housing your bins. These are much more visually appealing and will fit in to almost all gardens.

Plastic wheelie bin stores;

Plastic wheelie bin storage boxes are probably one of the most popular choices, and with good reason. These storage boxes require little to no maintenance, a simply hose down will have them looking as they did on the day you bought them. Manufactured from durable plastic means they can withstand the Great British weather without you having to worry about them fading in the sunlight, rusting and rotting. They are pretty much a set and forget garden accessory. You can also use these storage boxes as small sheds to store your garden tools such as lawnmowers and strimmers etc. making them even more appealing. Unfortunately there are a few drawbacks when it comes to choosing plastic. You are limited to specific sizes, for example you will struggle to find a plastic storage box that will accommodate three wheelie bins. The other downside is you are limited to specific colours.

Wooden Wheelie bin stores;

Wooden wheelie bin storage boxes come in many different sizes and styles, accommodating up to three wheelie bins make them a great choice for someone looking for a complete storage solution. Built from treated wood means they will stand up to the elements but like all outdoor wooden buildings will require yearly treatment to maximise their life.

Wheelie bin screens;

Wheelie bin screens are a cheaper option compared tot he two we have spoken about above, never the less still make a great solution. Created from woven willow ensures they have a natural look and feel to make them suitable for all gardens. Whether you are looking to hide just one bin or all three, there are screens to suit your needs. Its worth noting that the screens do NOT come with lids or a back which means they can not be used as a stand alone storage option (In other words it needs to be placed against a wall or fence.)

The benefits:

At the beginning of this article I touched on the point that these stores are a fantastic way to improve the look of any garden but there are also many other benefits, which we will discuss below.


No matter where you live in the country, wheelie bin crime is a problem. If you have ever had your wheelie bin stolen, you will know exactly how much of a pain in the neck it can be. Not just because you have nowhere to put your rubbish but also the financial impact. Replacement bins are NOT cheap! And with the vast majority of councils charging for them it can hit families hard.

Many wheelie bin storage boxes have lockable doors and or lids making it harder for those undesirable characters to pinch your bins or personal details.

Keeping smells at bay:

I’m not sure of the frequency of your bin collections but where I live its fortnightly. In the heat of the summer they can quickly become stinky attracting unwanted pests such as flies, wasps and rodents. Your bin storage box can help reduce the smell by stopping the sun beating on the bin directly and help keep those pests away by preventing access to them.


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