Stunning Brick BBQ


Building a brick BBQ requires planning before you attempt to start. For example where are you going to position it? It needs to be a safe distance from anything flammable and also where smoke won’t fill your neighbours garden or home.

Once you have decided on a spot you need to decide on your dimensions. The dimensions of your grill set, which you will need to buy first, will decide this. Ensure you have space for the grill set and the width your BBQ will need to be to accommodate it. To get the width of the BBQ place the grill set on the ground and place bricks around it in what will be their fixed position.

If the ground is soft where you are building your BBQ then you will need to dig out a small trench approximately 25cm wide and 30cm deep. This can then be filled with concrete to form a solid foundation. Try to get this as level as possible. Leave this to harden for a couple of days before you start to lay your first course of bricks.

When you start to build butter each brick with mortar on the top and bottom and one end of each brick, try to use the same amount of mortar each time. The seam should be around 1cm deep. Check all bricks are level and square using a spirit level and tape measure.

When you get to the height you wish the coal tray and grill to be you will need to lay three bricks each side inwards for them to sit on. When the overall height is complete then you can top it with ornamental coping stones. Leave your BBQ to set for at least a day before using it.

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