Rattan Patio Furniture

Rattan furniture is widely regarded as some of the best quality garden furniture that you could invest in. Created from UV hand woven rattan means the sun will not cause this furniture to fade like other garden furniture can. We have all seen wood or plastic furniture that’s been stripped from its colour due to sun exposure!

The materials rattan furniture is constructed from are also weather proof meaning it will last for many years even if kept outdoors all year around, although the life of the furniture can be extended if its kept indoors during the worst months of the year.

Because there are so many companies selling rattan furniture these days means you can pick up some quality items at fantastic prices.  There are styles and designs to suit everyone’s tastes and budgets.


There are hundreds of rattan tables on the market, available in all shapes, sizes and colours. Rattan tables are a fantastic addition to anyone’s garden or patio area and will allow you to dine in style. From round tables to square and rectangular there is something for everyone.


If you want to relax outdoors during the summer months but don’t want to invest in plastic or wooden chairs, then rattan is by far the best choice. Not only are there hundreds of styles to choose from, but they are also super comfy and long lasting requiring only a simple wipe over can have them looking like new all over again!

Sun loungers:

Everyone likes to relax; a rattan sun lounger can help you relax in style. There are hundreds of sun loungers on the market, each with different features and styles giving you an excellent choice.

Rattan corner sofas

Nothing adds a touch of quality to a patio or decking area than a rattan corner sofa. Allowing you to sit outside with your friends and family enjoying the summer weather in style. Corner sofas come in all different sizes, shapes and colours meaning there is something for most patio and preferences. Corner sofas are some of the most expensive rattan furniture available but for good reason. They add a touch of CLASS you any garden, instantly giving you a focal point and making you stand out from your neighbours.

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