www.Property-Promotion.co.uk takes your privacy very seriously and on this we will set out how we will use and protect the personal information that you provide us during your visits to our website.

www.Property-Promotion.co.uk only requires you provide personal identifiable information in order for you to contact us using the contact page, which include the following details:-

  • Name [This is so we know who we are talking to]
  • Email [So we can reply to your message, without this we would be unable to do so]

When we collect your personal information from the contact form you can rest assured that we do our best to protect your information at all times. All information is discarded with once we have dealt with your query. Although nothing on the Internet can truly be 100% safe from hacks or attacks. We DO NOT sell or redistribute your details! We hate these kinds of practices. 

We are an informative website, publishing useful articles relating to the gardening niche. This is accessible by everyone. Membership is NOT required in order to use our site, nor do we collect email addresses for newsletter purposes.

Third Party Links:

Sometimes we feature products and services where we may link to the external source or product. Once you click on a link that navigates you away from this website you should read and agree to their own privacy policy.

Last updated: 26-04-2016