Plastic Garden Sheds

Depending on where you shop plastic sheds may also be called resin sheds, vinyl sheds, or high-density polyethylene sheds. Resin sheds are the newest type of sheds on the market and are slowly becoming a popular choice of shed for several reasons.

Plastic sheds are made of a high quality material that makes the sheds stronger, yet lighter and more durable than wooden or metal sheds. For ultimate strength and durability some manufacturers also use integrated steel supports and a double wall rather than just a single wall plastic panel construction.

Plastic sheds are mainly maintenance free, stain resistant and UV protected so they will not fade, crack, rust or rot and they never need painting or staining like metal or wood sheds may.

Plastic sheds kits are available in lots of sizes and some manufacturers offer expansion kits to customise the shed to a bigger size or different shape. Plastic sheds are by far easier to build than wood or metal. These kits are very quick and easy to assemble with few tools, a small amount of time, and less carpentry knowledge. Plastic shed kits are also the least expensive.

While plastic sheds are very strong, they cannot take as much weight hanging from the walls as a wooden shed. Some resin models do include an overhead loft area though which allows you to your store more items in the same area.

Plastic sheds can be good looking and decorative with their neutral colours and simulated wood textured panels, but they cannot be painted or shingled to perfectly match your house. They do however allow for easy additions of accessory options like skylights, windows, lighting and shelving with no additional wiring, cutting, or drilling needed. They also have a clean finished interior.

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