Garden Water Feature


When it comes to garden water features the sky is the limit and only your imagination will limit the outcomes. There are so many options to choose from such as the simplistic bird baths, the majestic koi fish ponds, elegant fountains, calming reflecting pools and even man made streams and water gardens.

For the smaller garden water features such as trickling natural stone, resin towers and LED lit mini fountains are always a good option. You could even have a small fish pond sunk into your garden and built up from the ground.

Larger gardens on the other hand are ideal for really putting your imagination to work. Imagine a water feature gently trickling water into a bubbling stream that works its way into a water garden filled with aquatic plants. This in turn could lead to a further stream winding its way into a pond full of magnificent Koi carp or goldfish.

Alternatively you could install an increasingly popular water feature that can be adapted and look beautiful in small and large gardens alike. In fact it can even make smaller gardens look bigger. The reflecting pool on the principle of building a pool near a decorative area of your garden and watching its reflection in the water. Just like a mirror can make a room look bigger, the reflecting pool can have the same effect on your garden.

In general most water features that you buy will be made of natural stone or resin. Many are available that have LED lighting as a feature which can be hugely attractive and practical at night. However if you are on a budget or feel creative you can build, make your own garden water features. There are many examples of how to do this to be found online.

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