Garden Lights – Brighten up your garden

It may be hard to believe but public landscapes and gardens have been lit up for just as long as the interior of houses and buildings have been. This could be for various reasons such as security, circulation and social occasions and ways to do this have included firelight from wood, candles and animal / plant oil fuels in torches, sconces and lanterns. It has only been since the 19th (gas) and 20th (electric) century that lighting has become a design feature as well as functional.

Electricity is now the most common and popular way to light up gardens although solar power is quickly catching it up. Rechargeable battery lighting is also available but nowhere near as common or as popular.

Garden lighting is also not as simple as putting up a porch light anymore. More and more people are now looking for more and manufacturers have certainly given them it. Different ways to light your garden include wall lights, fence lights, strings of lights, lights installed into the ground and even water feature lighting and underwater lighting.

Some garden lighting needs to be switched on at night and others are light sensitive or motion sensored. Most motion sensor activated light is for security purposes. Lights now come in multi colours as well as white.

It is however not only our gardens we are lighting up but also our garden sheds, garages, playhouses and even tree houses. There really are no limits to garden lighting, only your imagination!

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