Dealing With Autumn Leaves

Dealing with autumn leaves

Clearing autumn leaves can be a daunting task when you see them all piled up and still mounting. However with the right tools it can actually be a breeze and here’s how. You will need – a pair of grabbers, a flat tined rake, a leaf blower, garden refuse bags and a rotary lawn mower.

  1. First use the light weight grabbers with long handles to collect a large amount of the leaves at once. Alternatively you could use two seed trays put together to work as grabbers.
  2. Use a relatively gentle flat tined rake for sweeping leaves off the lawn and gravel areas of the garden on a daily basis.
  3. A leaf blower that collects and shreds leaves can be really handy. Some gardeners object to these on an environmental level. If you choose to use one leave hedge bottoms untouched as they provide shelter for garden wildlife.
  4. Rather than using a wheel barrow to gather your garden leaves use a few bin bags. This is because leaves have a habit of jumping out of a barrow as you wheel it along creating more work recollecting them.
  5. Finally if you are short of time you could use a rotary lawn mower. Simply sweep up as many of the leaves as you can into the middle of the lawn and then mow over them. This will chop them up and when added to your grass cuttings in a compost bin will make excellent compost. Leaves also speed up the composting process which is an added bonus.

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